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How to submit a paper

Untitled document In general informatica didactica publishes original papers that have not been published elsewhere.

Manuscripts should be written in German or English.

Manuscripts may be submitted by electronic mail to an editor-in-chief in two different versions:

  • a self-contained version in pdf format (page format DIN A4) which is in a suitable form to be published in a paper version of informatica didactica possibly appearing in the future;
  • a version in html (no style sheets or gimmicks) suitable for electronic publication, in particular online reading.
    As long as the subject of the contribution suggests, the electronic version is expected to give the reader a substantial benefit over the pdf version by using features of the electronic media in a reasonable manner, e.g.
    • by using hypertext
    • by attaching multimedia documents like videos or audios in order to illustrate teaching or learning settings, for instance,
    • by linking to ressources (also reliable external ressources) like programs, applets, data bases, Internet services and so on.
    All files belonging to the html version are requested in compressed format (preferably in zip format).

Abstracts in German and English of at most 20 lines each should be added at the beginning of either version of the manuscript.

In general all contributions are reviewed by at least two referees, one being a member of the editorial board.